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Black and white 2 elite 4

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It's a half Dragon and half Dark Pokemon. As mentioned earlier, using a Dragon type Pokemon will put you at a disadvantage against its attacks. Hydreigon will still have a weakness to Fighting types, since it's also a Dark type. Druddigon and Haxorus are the other two Dragon type Pokemon in Iris' team. They hwite also the only two who will be using held items in Normal mode:.

Druddigon uses a mix of Physical and Special Attacks, and it's Life Orb will increase the power of its attacks while taking black and white 2 elite 4 some of its HP each turn. It wouldn't be wise to use an Black and white 2 elite 4 type against it, seeing as how it knows Flamethrower. Haxorus may ellite the strongest Pokemon in Iris' team. It will mainly use Physical Attacks, and one of its move increases its Attack and Speed stats simultaneously.

Its held item, Focus Sashprevents it from being knocked out with one attack. Make sure black and white 2 elite 4 have a fast Pokemon who can withstand a hit or two. Aggron shouldn't be too tough of an opponent if you have the right Pokemon. Send out a Fighting type with Fighting black and white 2 elite 4 to eilte it out in one shot. It has to be at a high enough level, of course, but not too high.

The attack will do about 4. Aggron won't have Sturdy to prevent it from being knock out in one. Its ability is Rock Headwhich prevent it from taking damage from Recoil. Make sure to take it out quickly, or it can deal a lot of damage with its Physical Attacks. Its Status Move will sharply increase it's Speed.

Ajd is a well rounded Pokemon. It knows Water and Ice type attacks, just like its own type. Using Water type Pokemon would be an extremely poor choice. Its Ability will absorb any water attacks thrown at it, restoring its own HP. It would then turn around and use an Local dating phone numbers type attack.

Using an Electric or Fighting type Pokemon would women want hot sex Long Branch black and white 2 elite 4 latin men with huge cocks weaknesses.

The sixth Pokemon on Iris' team is Archeops. Try to take it out quickly with ElectricWateror Ice type attacks. Ice type attacks will cause 4x damage 4.

Rock Slide is a strong Physical Rock type attack, and being a Rock type Pokemon, the attack will cause even more damage. If you injure three of her Pokemon without causing it to faint, she'll use three Full Restores. After defeating the Champion, Iris will take you to the registration hall.

Your Pokemon will be registered, the credits will roll, and your game will be saved. Start the game back up to find yourself in Aspertia City. There are still many things to do and elute to see. Places that have opened up now that you are the Pokemon League Champion.

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Pokemon League Last Edited: November 18, at 9: Was this guide helpful? YES NO.

Poke Ball. Great Ball. Ultra Ball. Super Potion. Hyper Potion. Max Potion. Full Restore. Paralyz Heal. Burn Heal. Ice Heal. Full Heal. Escape Rope. Super Repel. Max Repel. Heal Ball. Net Ball.

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Nest Ball. Quick Ball.

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Dusk Ball. Timer Ball. Repeat Ball. Luxury Ball. Iron Fists.

Psychic Thunderbolt Acrobatics Shadow Ball. Flame Body. Sitrus Black and white 2 elite 4. Expert Belt. Flying Gem. Muscle Band. Choice Scarf. Normal Gem. Super Luck. Quick Claw. Wonder Skin. Magic Guard. Lesbian sexting numbers Lens. Wise Glasses. Clear Body. Inner Focus. Flame Orb. Sheer Force. Life Orb. Rock Head. Grass Knot. Cursed Body. Energy Ball.

Iron Fist. Golurk Lv. Brick Break. Shadow Punch. Flame Body. Fire Blast. Sludge Wave. Hydro Pump.

Hammer Arm. Snow Cloak.

Ice Shard. Black 2 and White 2. Heavy Slam.

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Sitrus Berry. Power Gem. Perish Song. Flying Gem. Rock Slide. Expert Belt. Muscle Band. Shadow Claw. Sucker Punch.

Choice Scarf. Focus Blast. Sludge Bomb. Dark Pulse. Wise Glasses.

Stone Edge. Storm Throw. Karate Chop.

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Sheer Force. Inner Focus.

Jump Kick. Effect Spore. Sky Uppercut. Mach Punch. Close Combat. Poison Jab. Fake Out. Hi Jump Kick. Low Sweep. Rock Tomb. Bulk Up. Dragon Pulse. Aura Sphere. Pure Power. Ice Punch.

So I've gotten through Black 2, all the way to the elite four, at which I did the Elite 4 a few days ago, my team was: www.magicofmakingupreviewz.comoss level 56 2. These trainers are known as the "Elite Four." In addition to those four, you must face the Pokemon League Champion to become the new. Elite #4 - Marshall. Specialty: Fighting-type. Puzzle: The final member of the Elite Four you may face if going clockwise is Marshal. You will be able to go up by a.

Fire Punch. Calm Mind. Flame Orb. Focus Band. Eject Button. No Guard. Dual Chop. Dragon Claw.

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Foul Play. Night Slash. Aerial Ace. Metal Claw. Rough Skin.

Aqua Jet. Head Smash. Smack Down. Battle Armor. Poison Fang.

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Fire Fang. Thunder Fang. Normal Gem. Super Luck.

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Flash Fire. Swords Dance. Psycho Cut. Quick Claw. Scope Lens. Sand Stream. Magic Guard.

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Wonder Skin. Air Slash. Ice Beam. Charge Beam. Dream Eater.