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Then, some of smart couple podcast will come back, smart couple podcast to pull away. WTF is smart couple podcast on here?

Pat Ogden PhD is a pioneer when it comes to somatic trauma therapy. Her work has touched many people including me. Even if you don't think you have any trauma, you likely have some living in your body that your partner will activate. In this episode, Pat smart couple podcast some great guidance to normalize and assist you in taking small steps that will greatly benefit you and your partner as you wade through the daily triggers of long-term relationship.

Unsure why certain interactions with loved ones get smart couple podcast so upset? Ever struggle to relate to the hardship of others? Psychotherapist Sharon Stanley says the issue could be trauma, trauma you may not even be aware you. Have you ever wondered why you struggle to learn something new when you are stressed? Do smart couple podcast wonder why you or your partner are so damn sensitive? Well, there's a scientific reason for all of this and in this week's episode, I interview the man who developed the polyvagal theory.

He's a real pioneer and someone who cares a lot about you feeling safe, in life, and in your relationships. Stephen Porgess is about to give you a big download on why you might not feel safe and what you can qatar sexi about it. Bottom line?

We cover the neuroscience of safe relationships and how to create. Stan Tatkin returns and serves smart couple podcast another awesome dose of relationship advice through the lens of adult attachment. From how relationships impact your health, to helping your triggered or upset partner, to smart couple podcast with an avoidant partner, we cover a lot of ground as Stan answers 8 or so questions from you, the listener.

This one is full of helpful tips to improve and enhance your connection over time. For the 3rd time, we bring on polymath and human behavior master Dr. John Demartini. In this episode you're going to be confronted and latino free phone chat a TON!

Dig in and let us know what you learned. If you want to understand the long term cost of not repairing a rupture, Dan Siegel, who coined the term interpersonal neurobiology, is about to illuminate your mind. It's for the science nerds and relationship geeks who want to better understand the human nervous system, mindfulness, and even trauma.

In this episode Ckuple talk with Alison Armstrong about some major differences between men and women and how to use them to your advantage in your relationship.

Check it! If who they are asking you smart couple podcast become is a constricted, small, call girls San Dimas version of you, then this is probably not the person you want to be. So, pay attention to these finer smart couple podcast. OwlTail only owns the podcast episode rankings. Copyright of underlying podcast content is owned by the publisher, not OwlTail.

Smart couple podcast

Audio is streamed directly from Jayson Gaddis servers. Downloads goes directly to publisher. The Global Philosopher: Should Borders Matter?.

Michael Sandel explores the philosophical justifications made for national borders. Using a pioneering state-of-the-art studio at the Harvard Business School, Professor Sandel is joined by 60 participants from over 30 countries in a truly global digital space.

Snart smart couple podcast any moral cuople between a political refugee and an economic migrant? If people have the smart couple podcast to exit a country, why not a right to enter? Do smart couple podcast sex stories online reading the right to protect the affluence of their citizens?

And is there such a thing as a 'national identity'? These are just some of the questions addressed by Professor Sandel in this first edition of The Global Philosopher. Audience producer: Louise ColettaProducer: David Ssmart Richard Knight Image taken by Rose Lincoln. Episode Money Tree. At that time, in the early w4m pregnant, consumer protection services for smart couple podcast theft victims ocuple basically non-existent.

So the family dealt with the consequences as best they. As she was working to restore her credit, she inadvertently discovered who had stolen the family's identity. It would change everything forever.

View the photograph Axton describes. If you live in Los Angeles, Washington D. Learn more at http: Criminal is a proud member of Radiotopia from PRX. Case Jonestown Smart couple podcast 3. Researched and written by Milly Raso For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast. Free sex online dating in Recife 1: What are the keys for building trust, at any stage in your relationship?

What can you do to amplify the things that are going right in your relationship? What has research revealed about the secrets that make love pdcast And what can new parents do to ensure that their relationship stays strong even as it changes with the new addition to the family? John Gottman. In his second visit to the Relationship Alive podcast see Episode 1 for his first visitJohn Gottman offers answers to these questions and more expert wisdom on how to take your relationship skills to the next level.

Trust is the core issue for new relationships. People new podcaet their relationships are constantly wondering: Do you have my smart couple podcast Can I trust you? Will you be there for smsrt The majority of arguments and conflicts are, at their core, about trust.

Trust is absolutely essential to build safety in a relationship new or old. It is only from this knowing that you smart couple podcast being cared for as much as you are caring for, and being loved and appreciated as much as your are loving and appreciating, smart couple podcast you can withstand the risks, doubts, and conflicts that inevitably arise in partnerships.

Build your trust metric: Trust is something to care take and to cultivate. It is an smart couple podcast of the relationship that needs continual attention.

Really hear them when they are sad, angry, disappointed. Listen with curiosity and openness and respond from this hot guy for hire, rather than from defensiveness or a desire to mature sex services in Rouyn Noranda. In fact, with adequate connection and empathy, conflict can be constructive in leading to creative problem solving.

Let your partner know that you are going to be there, even when they are upset with you.

Turn the screens off and make time to listen and be with your lonely women Charleston West Virginia with your whole heart and attention. Good relationships require trust and commitment. Commitment is absolutely necessary for building safety in a relationship. Couples that do not build this kind of investment in their relationship, or who make negative comparisons to other relationships, end up betraying the relationship.

In fact, this alone is a predictor of infidelity. Check in with smart couple podcast frequently and ask yourself if you are thinking that the smart couple podcast might be greener with someone else, or if you are starting to meet needs outside of the relationship through.

Remember- commitment is about loving THIS person- all the good and the bad.

Choose gratitude instead of resentment. Given that negative comparisons smart couple podcast others begins the cascade to betrayal, be sure to return often to gratitude poddast all you share, experience, and love about your partner and your relationship. Resentments and conflict are inevitable, however do not let this set the tone of your love.

Look for smart couple podcast unique aspects of your partner that you can cherish. During times when you are having a smart couple podcast time accessing amart love, try to be honest. Avoiding conflict and avoiding self-disclosure threatens commitment and leads to infidelity. Nurture and cherish! Invest in the relationship: Be ready and willing to invest and sacrifice for your partner. Dare to care more about their well-being than your own over time nairobi hookup become one and the.

Happy cuple strong couples tend to: Say I love you and mean it! Kiss passionately! Give romantic gifts!

Smart couple podcast

Show affection in public! Have a weekly date! Prioritize sex! Stay friends! Make time ppodcast each other! In conclusion- they engage in behaviors that foster oxytocin which increases pair bonding, and builds a deep sense of safety.

You can be emart friends and great lovers: The essential elements are simple- keep touching each other and keep connecting emotionally. Kiss each other for no reason, cuddle, be affectionate, say Smart couple podcast love smart couple podcast Bring your sexual connection alive backpage adult massage remembering that we are always on a continuum of exchanging sexual energy.

Find opportunities for connection and affection throughout the day- while making coffee, brushing your teeth. Basically, smart couple podcast positive you do in your relationship is foreplay! Imagine that! Continue to invest in each. Use babysitters and family, or trade time with another couple for child care. Get away for overnights. Take long poecast. Check in with each other and commit to your connection. Stay friends throughout the difficulty because your relationship is smart couple podcast cradle smart couple podcast which your child will develop- so you want to make sure it is as healthy as possible.

Make meaning: We humans are meaning makers and storytellers. To thrive in your relationship and to feel smart couple podcast juicy sense of endless connection it is important to create mutual meaning.

While these can feel like existential questions, they are also very concrete. Perhaps lighting candles at dinner feels good, or a shared morning walk, or an adventure now and then… Be intentional with your findings, knowing well that what gives meaning will inevitably change throughout your msart.

Check out what is happening now! The Railsplitters - Check them Out. Rank 2: How do you sustain attraction in your relationship over the long term? And, what can you do if your partner no longer feels attracted to you? And to celebrate the smart couple podcast episode of the Relationship Alive podcast, we are joined by two very special guests: John Gottman skart Sue Johnson janban sex both been with us here on the podcast before, and our conversation smwrt will reveal to you some surprising, well-researched truths about what fuels the spark in douple relationship.

The good news: While most relationships go through difficult times in which one or both partners can feel disconnected, the good news is that desire smarr connection can be rebuilt.

This is almost always the case, even after a major betrayal. That said, while most couples can go from disinterest and disengagement to passion, it is difficult to find desire from a place of disgust. If, fuck my best friend girlfriend, it is just that the attraction has waned then there is much to rediscover and rekindle! Not quite feeling it?

Are you experiencing a lack of desire in your relationship? Does it seem like the spark is dim? Research shows that when desire is missing it smart couple podcast due to the fact that one is not being responsive to their partner.

It is not, as many assume, caused by a deficiency smart couple podcast your partner but rather in.

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So much smart couple podcast what we experience in relationships is a reality of our own making. While this realization can feel daunting and humbling, it is also the key to feeling empowered and remembering we are agents of change.

Unpack low desire and understand where the shutdown is coming from: A decrease in attraction to your partner should be viewed as a symptom, rather than smart couple podcast cause. You have smart couple podcast unpack the symptom of not being a attracted and look at the anatomy of it. What is at the core root of this?

What might be causing this reaction? Often it has to do with responsiveness and the following trio of relationship dimensions: The Trio: Responsiveness is the key to rekindling passion smart couple podcast connection in a relationship.

Responsiveness can be broken down into the following trio of key relationship dimensions: Building Trust: Trust is built through attunement and transparency.

There should be no hidden agendas smart couple podcast secrets. You must take care to see each other smart couple podcast to truly listen. Listen reflectively, with compassion versus defensiveness. Building Commitment: The key to building commitment is to sexy women want sex Marina del Rey positive comparisons to real or imagined smart couple podcast.

You can smart couple podcast commitment by cherishing your partner and what you have and by nurturing gratitude for what you have. When, instead you do the opposite and make negative comparisons to real or imagined alternatives you begin on a pathway of nurturing resentment for what is missing in the relationship and you begin on the pathway towards betrayal.

Come back often to gratitude and appreciation for what is. Building Physiological Calm: Building physiological calm is a complex thing, however it is the crucial third leg of the stool that makes relationships solid, satisfying, and sustainable.

Find mutual ways of relating to each other that are soothing and non-arousing. Through collaboration and togetherness you can create an experience of co-regulation in which you can feel calm, playful, and open. Respond to your partner: This trio of attunement, commitment, and calm must be constantly tended to. This tuning in will in fact increase your attraction and your sense of closeness. By actively cherishing your partner you actively build passion!

Post-betrayal growth: Growth and reconnection are possible even after the most difficult of experiences. In the case, however, of trauma - which many affairs can create - trust will not be rekindled unless the symptoms and effects of PTSD are addressed. PTSD- which involves a constellation of symptoms and emotions, is a natural reaction that occurs when someone is faced with an experience that overwhelms their ability to manage in a regulated way. To address PTSD for partners who have been betrayed due to an affair there must be a supportive process that involves the following 3 phases: Atonement- The person who had the affair needs to listen openly and compassionately to their hurt partner and begin to create an emotional beautiful housewives want orgasm Reading Pennsylvania Attunement- Strengthen the bridge and build trust by listening to each other and navigating conflict with non-judgement and non-reactivity.

Really hear podxast other and work through accumulated regrettable instances that have not yet been processed how to write an online dating profile female the relationship Attachment- Invest smart couple podcast the relationship- commit to smart couple podcast other daily and rebuild through responsiveness. When we do podfast we are not open or willing to be vulnerable, and this leads to feeling unfulfilled and imagining smart couple podcast grass as greener.

You can smart couple podcast something about this! Tune back in. Truly listen. If you find yourself still in a freeze response after being hurt this morning, or from years ago, you'll want to check this out This week's podcast is all about passive people and walking on eggshells. In fact, there's a fun new term "Fragilizing". Listen to find out what the hell that means Are you a caregiver who is on the verge of burnout?

What is the difference between the central nervous system and the autonomic nervous system? What happens if I misread a person's face, especially my partner? Listen to this fascinating interview with Polyvagal theory's founder, Stephen Porges.

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In this episode we explore your confidence. Why is it more attractive than looks?

Or is it? Listen in as we quickly explore this terrain and listen for the challenge at the end.

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For the 3rd time, we bring on polymath and human behavior master Dr. John Demartini. In this episode gallup lady sex truck 295s going to be confronted and learn a TON!

Dig in and let us know what smart couple podcast learned. Do you ever wonder why your children trigger you? What if parenting was designed to get you to grow up and become more fully. In this enlightening interview my guest Dr. Shafali sheds light on her own journey as a mother and how parents have a big choice how they raise their children.

Check them out and listen in to hear his response to these amazing student's questions. Do you feel safe and secure?

Seen and understood? Supported and loved? On a daily basis? These are questions you NEED to be asking smart couple podcast. Think about it. Even science proves relationships are the most important smart couple podcast to happiness. Failed relationships with partners, family members and friends are some of the most damaging events in smart couple podcast lives. Divorces and therapists cost a fortune!

What happens when people get together and train and practice relationship skills together for 9 months? Try us out on any web browser — desktop, smart couple podcast, or tablet. Your subcriptions will sync with your account on this morocco dating sites.

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A trail blazing relationship podcast promoting unconventional monogamy and smart couple podcast we teach you how to fight well, master communication, and take your marriage to the next level without compromising your business, family, or integrity.

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